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Lead time reduction at Data Centre

Credit Mace

Continuously improving construction lead times

The challenge

When Mace started on the first of multiple data centres in Ireland, they wanted to exceed customer expectations, setting themselves the goal of having “best in class” project control and communication facilities. The target was to not only deliver the first centre on time, but to make significant improvements in lead time throughout the design, construction and commissioning phases for the second build.

Our response

Over a 14 month period we facilitated a range of activities with different teams across the project. These included:

  • Designing and running a number of visual systems to co-ordinate the operation and control aspects of the construction, office fit out and commissioning phases. The inclusion of collaborative planning techniques and emerging BIM technology was key to the control room processes developed.
  • Conducting a number of work studies to analyse processes affecting the critical path. Deploying lean tools and problem solving techniques to reduce the actual time taken and to achieve or improve on original delivery targets. These included activities to improve supplier deliveries and site logistics.
  • Running a structured series of trials to redesign part of the fit out process in order to reduce the safety risk from working at height and the time taken.
  • Leading an Improvement Workshop to challenge the team to further reduce the construction lead times for new data centres.
  • Delivering lean tool training modules to upskill selected personnel to ensure future improvement work is internally supported.

The results

These selected highlights show progress at the time of writing; the teams are constantly making improvements.

  • Percentage Planned Complete (PPC) results went from 50% to 78%. The team have targeted further improvements to raise this over 80% and also to adapt the system to include design documentation.
  • Through a series of structured activities the team have tested the current planning logic underpinning the programme. The lead time for the programme is now 15% shorter than the original planned time and all trades are actively working together to develop an improved construction solution and committing to the new target programme.
  • In addition the team have identified the potential to further reduce the programme by another 12%.
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lead time reduction in action at Control Room review

Credit: Mace

Substantial improvements in PPC and reductions in project lead times

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