Mace Chelsea Barracks

Credit: Mace

Resolving productivity issue at Chelsea Barracks

Credit: Mace

Improving productivity on the critical path

The challenge

The Chelsea Barracks development comprises an estate of residences, penthouses and townhouses all set around 5 acres of newly created garden squares.

Mace, the main contractor, identified the need to dramatically speed up the build rate on the beautiful stone façade in order to ensure the first building was finished on time.

Our response

Early in the construction phase of the first building, we assisted the project team to identify the blockers and worked with them to eliminate the issues.

The team identified two key components to improve productivity; the availability of actual work faces and the logistics of stone supply from the supplier’s depot to the mason installing the stone.

The team deployed work study and problem solving techniques to remove tasks from holding up access to the work face and designed a new sequence of work to ensure uninterrupted access as the build progressed.

The team used lean techniques to organise the handling of stone on site, creating standard identification and storage systems to ensure masons were never waiting for stone to be delivered.

The results

The increase in available work faces and the improved supply of stone to the masons raised the average number of stones laid per week by 446%, ensuring the completion of building one was completed 3 months earlier than the adjusted target time.

Lessons learned on the best building sequence and creating an organised environment have been transferred to the next phase of the development and the remaining 4 buildings are on track for on time completion.

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Credit: Mace

Average number of stones laid per week raised by 446%

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