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BIM, or Building Information Modelling, is a way of working. In the construction sector it is the process of delivering and operating the built environment using a shared and well-structured digital data environment.

Having all the information about every component of the building in one place offers a number of benefits including:

  • Fast access to up to date information, supporting informed decision making for all the project’s stakeholders.
  • Creation of virtual models allowing; a better understanding of how the structure fits into the environment, testing of the model and management of risks.
  • Supports the enterprise model, collaborative working, lean initiatives and innovation deployed with the target of minimising risks and reducing lead times and costs.
  • Better and more complete information for optimising the operation of the built asset during the rest of its life cycle.

To find out more about BIM we recommend the “BIM for Beginners” videos on The B1M website. This series of mostly short videos explains all about BIM, the different phrases you will hear being used in relation to it and debunks a number of common misconceptions.


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