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Easy digital collaborative working

How to take collaborative working to the next level and reduce your carbon footprint!

Dreaming of having all your project information live and at your fingertips, so everyone can work with it? Well digital collaborative working has become an achievable reality. We are exploring combinations of new and innovative technologies. As a result we have an integrated system with a very powerful set of features and benefits.

Have a look at what we’ve discovered so far with our partners Ascentae, using the Nureva™ Wall and the Span™ Workspace.

What can I do with it?

  • Create one digital work space which has multiple uses. Within one space you can hold; project review meetings, design and BIM reviews, drone survey reviews, collaborative planning, logistics planning and problem solving. Comparing that to the dedicated spaces required for analogue based control and meeting rooms, you can do more with less.

Furthermore, the uses you could put it to are limited only by your imagination. Think about expanding the system to include training and operator awareness sessions, or daily briefings.

  • Collaborate with remote users and suppliers in real time without the need to travel. Consequently you will save the time and cost of travelling at the same time as reducing your impact on the environment. Less miles on the road, or trips by train and plane, will result in a smaller carbon footprint. You can align plans, actions and reports directly with remote colleagues, suppliers and off-site manufacturers. Or integrate and align ideas and plans with designers.  All without leaving the office.

Additionally, working in this way reduces the difficulties of creating consistent practices across teams based on different sites.

  • Make live updates to information, which is instantly shared and accessible by all. As a result you have no need for paper or electronic copies. As it’s all based in the cloud, problems created by poor version control become history.

While this all sounds very technical and clever, it’s worth noting that using and updating this system is actually easy. Anything you normally do on whiteboards and paper is now done the same way, but electronically.

You can sketch and make notes direct onto images and graphs. Or create and amend digital Post Its®. Moving and amending familiar templates and items on the wall is simple and fun. Use your fingers to select the item on the wall and just drag and drop, expand or enter information. Talking of dropping, with this system say goodbye to bits of paper falling off the wall!

How does it do that?

The Nureva Wall and Span Workspace combines a number of specialised visual and audio technologies. It also integrates with much of your existing technology. This means you don’t have to ditch what you are already used to working with. In fact you can make it work more effectively for you.

It combines information feeds from multiple sources and is accessible from remote and mobile personal devices. Because of this, a remote worker can see the live screen work space and link with the main team via high definition video conferencing.

Basing the live screen on three adjacent walls creates a very immersive experience. This is enhanced with the high specification audio capture and sound system. Because this captures voices as they move around the room, it sounds as if you are actually in the same work space.

What do I do next?

Interested in the next generation of digital working and want to find out more? We suggest either:

If you are engaging your teams in digital collaborative working, we make it easy for you. Partnering with Ascentae allows us to develop and deploy a complete solution unique to your needs.  You can say goodbye to spending time sourcing and matching different providers!


Dreaming of having all your project information, live and at your fingertips? Well digital collaborative working has become an achievable reality. Check out this integrated system with a very powerful set of features and benefits.

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“Interacting with the wall is simple and fun. Just like a giant tablet”

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