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Project 13

This industry led initiative is a new approach to delivering high performing infrastructure. It encompasses a move away from traditional transactional led models towards an enterprise model.

Transactional models where decisions are made almost entirely based on cost, typically prevent efficient delivery and prohibit innovation. This frequently results in projects being delivered over budget, late and below par.

In contrast, the enterprise model brings together teams that work in collaboration and focus on the demands of their clients. Productivity is improved and risks are mitigated; projects are delivered in budget, on time and meet or even exceed customer expectations.

This short video, produced by the Institution of Civil Engineers, summarises the problems of a transactional model and five key features of the new enterprise approach.







You can join the Project 13 community by visiting the Institution of Civil Engineers website, where you can also access a range of guidance materials, like this Transformation Roadmap.







At Lean Construction International we offer a full range of services to support you in the enterprise approach to successful project delivery.

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